My research on fatherhood began shortly after the birth of my first daughter and my observations of the ways in which her dad was treated in infant-parent playgroups in the UK in the early 1990s. My book Do Men Mother? was the culmination of a ten-year research journey and a twenty year personal and intellectual one; it was awarded the John Porter Book Prize from the Canadian Sociology Association and has led to many articles and book chapters on fathering, masculinities, embodiment, habitus and issues of gender equality and gender differences.

I have recently completed second edition of Do Men Mother? (2018). This second edition includes a series of reflections on ‘revisitings’ – with families, the now burgeoning field of fathering, and intra-connections between past-present work and writing. This book builds on a new decade of research on fathering, masculinities, embodiment and care – and rejoins the conversation through my shifting theoretical, epistemological, and ontological lenses.

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Chris Chaloner January 14, 2016 at 4:20 pm

Hi Andrea, I have recently read ‘Do Men Mother?’ and just wanted to thank you for producing such a clearly written and informative book. My research is into older fathers in the UK and I found many of the issues discussed in your book highly relevant to my study. I look forward to reading the updated version. Best wishes, Chris


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