Parental Leave Benefits and Leave Policies

I am a Canadian representative – with Donna Lero, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay and Lindsey McKay in the International Network on Leave Policies and Research

With Dr. Lindsey McKay (first postdoctoral fellow in Gender, Work, and Care at Brock, 2015-2017), I have conducted research on Canadian (Quebecois and Ontario) fathers who have taken parental leave, exploring parental negotiations and processes of change and resistance. In collaboration with Dr. Sophie Mathieu, we have conducted research on class and gender inequalities in parental leave provision and take up.

Selected recent and forthcoming publications:

  • Doucet, A. and McKay, L. (2017). An ethics of care approach to parental leave as a childcare policy. In R.Langford, S. Prentice, and P. Albanese (Eds.). Caring for Children: Social Movements and Public Policy in Canada. Vancouver: UBC Press.
  • Doucet, A., McKay, L, & Tremblay, D.-G. (2009). Canada and Quebec: Two policies, one country. In P. Moses & S. Kamerman (Eds.), The Politics of Parental Leave Policies: Children, Parenting, Gender and the Labour Market (pp. 33-50). Bristol, UK: Policy Press

Recent Presentations/Consultations with unions; labour groups and the federal government on Parental Leave

  • Doucet, A., McKay, L., & Mathieu, S. (2016). Who/whose benefits: Gender and class issues in parental leave in Quebec and Canada, Paper presented at CUPE Child Care. Roundtable Featured Panel, Ottawa, ON
  • McKay, L., Mathieu, S., & Doucet, A. (2016). Parental-leave rich and parental-leave poor: Closing Equality Gaps in Canadian Parental Leave Policy. Paper presented at the Canadian Labour Congress, EI and Women’s Issues Committee, Ottawa, ON

Government Reports

Op eds:

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Cleber Moraes July 6, 2015 at 8:39 am

Hi, I´m Cleber Moraes,43 years old, psychologist in Brazil. Actually, I´m researching transition to fatherhood in first time fathers and I believe that your contact can help me a lot. I´m doing my doctoral studies using qualitative aproach and narrative interviews. At this moment, I´m refining my methodology to analise interviews in depth, using international literature and psychoanalythical ideas from Donald Winnicott about good enough environment.
I apreciate find your book “Do men mother?”. I´try buy it as soon.
Cleber Moraes


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