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My research on gender, work and care attends to theoretical, methodological, epistemological and conceptual issues in changing practices and institutions of motherhood and fatherhood with attention to issues of class, sexualities, ethnicities and re-thinking concepts of bodies, care, equality, time, responsibilities, breadwinning, and the meanings of stay-at-home fathering. All of my work has a sustained focus on exploring epistemic practices, effects, and potential policy interventions, and social change.

My work on gender relations more widely is co-authored with my Carleton University colleague, Professor Janet Siltanen.  We recently published a second edition of Gender Relations: Intersectionality and Beyond (Oxford University press, 2017). Our second edition is entitled Gender Relations in Canada: Intersectionalities and Social Change. 

Image “Holding Aligned Choices”, image courtesy of Christine Martell. Image “Holding Aligned Choices”, image courtesy of Christine Martell.

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Doucet, A. (May 2018) Do Men Mother? (Second edition; revised and updated). University of Toronto Press.


Doucet, A. (in progress, forthcoming 2021). Can Care be Equal? Genealogies and Choreographies of Breadwinning and Caregiving. Under contract with University of Toronto Press.

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Selection of Refereed Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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