Methodologies, Epistemologies, Ontologies, Ethics

Some examples of my work (published and forthcoming) on methodologies, epistemologies, ontologies, and ethics are listed below.

Image “Layers of Patterns”, courtesy of Christine Martell. Image “Layers of Patterns”, courtesy of Christine Martell.


  • Doucet, A. (under review).“… to produce different knowledge and produce knowledge differently.”: Ecological imaginaries and post qualitative research.
  • Doucet, A. (under review) Decolonizing Family Photographs: Ecological Imaginaries and Non-Representational Ethnographies
  • Doucet , A. (in press, 2017) Feminist epistemologies and ethics: Situated knowledges, epistemic responsibilities, and ethico-onto-epistemologies. In R. Iphofen and M. Tolich. Handbook of qualitative research ethics. London: Sage.
  • Doucet. A. (forthcoming, 2017) Margaret Somers: Ontological narrativity, relational ontologies, and historical sociologies of concept formation in F. Dépelteau (ed.) The Palgrave handbook of relational sociology. London: Macmillan.
  • Doucet, A (forthcoming, 2017) “Thinking with Care”: Feminist Epistemologies, Relational Ontologies, and Ecological Imaginaries in F. Dépelteau (ed.) The Palgrave handbook of relational sociology. London: Macmillan
  • Doucet, A. and Mauthner, N. (2012) “Knowing responsibly: Ethics, Feminist Epistemologies and Methodologies in M. Mauthner, M. Birch, J. Jessop and T. Miller (eds.), Ethics in Qualitative Research. Second Edition. London: Sage, 123-145.
  • Doucet, A and Mauthner, N.S. (2012) “Emotions in/and Knowing” in Hunt, Alan, Walby, Kevin and Dale Spencer (Eds.) Emotions Matter. Toronto: UTP; 161-176
  • Mauthner, N.S. and Doucet, A. (2008) “‘Knowledge once divided can be hard to put together again’: an epistemological critique of collaborative and team-based research practices”. Sociology, 42(5): 955-969.
  • Doucet, A.  (2008) “‘On the Other Side of (her) Gossamer Wall” Reflexive and Relational Knowing,” Qualitative Sociology, 31: 73-87.
  • Doucet, A. and Mauthner, N.S.  (2008) “What can be Known and How? Narrated Subjects and the Listening Guide”. Qualitative Research, 8 (3): 399-409.
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  • Mauthner, N. S. and Doucet, A. (2007) “Reflexive accounts and accounts of reflexivity in qualitative data analysis” in A. E. Bryman (ed.) Qualitative Research 2. Benchmark in Social Research Methods. London: Sage.
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  • Doucet, A. (1996) “Encouraging Voices: Towards More Creative Methods for Collecting Data on Gender and Household Labour”, in Lydia Morris and Stina Lyon (eds.) Gender Relations in the Public and the Private. London: Macmillan; pp. 156-173.

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