Public Sociology

Canadian House of Commons, testimony on women’s unpaid work, Dec 10, 2020

Expert Panel, Century Initiative


Briefs, presentations and consultations 

  • Appeared as expert witness on issues of paid and unpaid work, Standing Committee of Women and Gender Equality Canada, December 10, 2020
  • Appeared as expert witness on Bill C-86, the Standing Committee of Finance, House of Commons, November 6, 2018
  • Invited brief to Senate on Bill C-86 (Division 8) on parental leave benefits, Andrea Doucet, Lindsey McKay and Sophie Mathieu, November 2018 
  • Jewel, E., Doucet, A., Falk, J., and Fyke, S. (2018). Indigenous employment engagement in Niagara: Social knowing, mental health, and the importance of Indigenous resources. Report to the Government of Ontario, Ontario Human Capital Research and Innovation Fund.
  • Doucet, A., and McKay, L. (2018). Les deux politiques de régimes parentaux du Canada: un argument en faveur du congé réservé aux pères. (“Canada’s two parental leave policy regimes: An argument for dedicated leave time for fathers“) Rapport rédigé pour les 10 ans due Régime Québécois d’assurance parentale. Québec: Conseil de Gestion de L’Assurance Parentale. 

  • Mathieu, S., McKay, L., and Doucet, A. (2018). Politiques sociales, soutien au travail de soins et inégalités de classes. (“Labour Market Policies, Support for Parental Caregiving, and Class Inequality”), Rapport rédigé pour les 10 ans du Régime Québécois d’assurance parentale. Québec: Conseil de Gestion de L’Assurance Parentale.
  • Expert testimony to the Status of Women Committee, House of Commons Canada, on Economic Security. Ottawa, ON (via videoconference). March 21, 2017. 
  • McKay, L., Doucet, A., & Mathieu, S. with Adams Coons, C. (2017). Brief submitted to the Status of Women Committee, House of Commons of Canada, “Study of economic security of women in Canada and equal participation of women in the Canadian economy”.
  • Doucet, A., McKay, L., and Mathieu, S. (2016) Who/whose benefits: Gender and class issues in parental leave in Quebec and Canada, Paper presented at CUPE Child Care. Roundtable Featured Panel, Ottawa, ON.
  • McKay, L., Mathieu, S., and Doucet, A. (2016) Parental-leave rich and parental-leave poor: Closing Equality Gaps in Canadian Parental Leave Policy. Paper presented at the Canadian Labour Congress, EI and Women’s Issues Committee, Ottawa. 

Organized events 

  • 15th annual International Seminar of the International Network of Leave Policies and Research. “Canadian Parental Leave Policies: design, equality, fit and futures,” Toronto, July 13-14, 2018, The Leave Policies and Research Network, (with Lindsey McKay and Sophie Mathieu).
  • The 33rd Annual Qualitative Analysis Conference: Visual Methods and Visual Ethnographies (Brock University, May 11-13, 2016, The Qualitatives)
  • Consuming Intimacies Symposium (Brock University, Oct 15-17, 2015, co-organized with Robyn Lee, Lindsey McKay and Alana Cattapan)

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