“Workaholic Women” and “Slow-Moving” Men?

I belong to one of the couple types that Hanna Rosin described in her recent piece on breadwinner wives in Slate magazine—the one where the “woman is a born workaholic and the man lives a slower pace”. Although it is more complex than those labels, I have nevertheless lived a version of that story for […]

Advance Publicity for The Bread and Roses Project

The New York Times magazine (January 2010) The National Post (October 2010) The National Post (October 2010) New York Post (November 2010) NY Dads and Stay at Home Dads (November 2010) SSHRC Dialogue on Canadian Families (November 2010) Jean Chatzky, Financial Editor of the Today Show (February 2010) The Globe and Mail (April 2010) The […]