Is it time to re-think the “stay-at-home dad” label?

I wrote the op-ed below around Father’s Day. I was inspired by how much (positive!) coverage I was seeing of men as Dads in the media, but I also wanted to question how the way we talk about men as fathers limits the way we think about and respond to them. Twenty years ago, the […]

The Dads are Right Here

In June I was asked to join a debate in the New York Times about fathers and parenting discussions. The question posed was a provocative one: despite the fact that “today’s dads…change diapers and shake up the P.T.A.,” fathers remain marginal in “the national conversation” about parenting. Simply put, the debate’s creator wanted to know why “we […]

Fathers in the Media

Every year for the past several years, major media outlets have marked Father’s Day by publishing features and commentaries about Dads. This past Father’s Day was no exception, but what is exceptional is how positive the articles are about changing fatherhood. Notably, while there were some vestiges of the strong/masculine/breadwinning father stereotype here and there, […]

Scholarly Reflections on Blogging

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and so, I thought I would repost my thinking on scholarly blogging. I am completing one book and have two more underway and that is where most of my time is going. And so, I am heeding William Powers’ thoughts on “a new digital philosophy” as “a […]

“Daddy Leave” and gender equality at home & work

Last summer (July 2011), I was asked by the New York Times to participate in a debate about women and work in Europe. I chose to address the issue of policy changes that work towards gender change and how men’s parental leave is a critical part of this issue. Below is the first part of […]

Advance Publicity for The Bread and Roses Project

The New York Times magazine (January 2010) The National Post (October 2010) The National Post (October 2010) New York Post (November 2010) NY Dads and Stay at Home Dads (November 2010) SSHRC Dialogue on Canadian Families (November 2010) Jean Chatzky, Financial Editor of the Today Show (February 2010) The Globe and Mail (April 2010) The […]